March 09, 2016

How to gold leaf a stamped image? this is another technique I was looking forward to share with you but not before experimenting and trying different things and materials before. I failed in some of the process but I find my way to succeed  and  get  shiny and sharp images fallowing very simple steps.

So today I'm sharing with you my findings and the  easiest,  nicest and  quickest way I found to do this: using Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue and I'm loving the results.  Please make sure you read the whole blog post to find answers and important advice.

Here is a picture of a card a finished applying this technique:

<img src="filename.gif" alt="gold leaf stamped images stampin up">

This gold leaf  technique should work with bold or detailed images.
Have a look at the picture below. I  have used  one (1) of the stamps in Botanicals for You stamp (big/bold fonts), and I used the bird stamp in An open heart stamp set (detailed image).

<img src="filename.gif" alt="gold leaf stamped images">

You can also choose the colour of the paper and apply the technique on any kind of card stock.  The images above were stamped on whisper white and black card stock from Stampin' Up! 

How applying the technique?

So I used high definition rubber stamps from Stampin' Up! and ans instead ink I used TOMBOW (multi purpose glue) on the stamp to stick the gold leaf on the images.  Sound easy and it is easy! right? the only tricky part  is cleaning the stamp properly and  immediately after stamping. I have to mention and empathize about this as this can take  a few minutes as this glue is really really sticky.

To make the things even easier for you I filmed a video to show you how I do this. I hope you like it and you can give it a try!

<img src="filename.gif" alt="botanicals for you stampin up">

Important advice

When TOMBOW multi glue dries it remains sticky so is ideal for this technique as it will hold nicely the gold leaf. However, you might need to bear in mind the fallowing recommendations to succeed with this technique:

  • Tombow Multi glue dries very fast.  Work quickly when applying the glue on the stamp and when stamping. 
  • Avoid leaving the stamp for more than a few seconds on the card stock , the glue will dry and  it will sticks and tear the card stock.
  • Make sure your stamp is 100% clean and glue free before each application. BEFORE stamping with glue,  try the stamp first on a piece of scrap card stock if it sticks it need a better cleaning.
  • Wash the stamp and the sponge with soapy water immediately after stamping. Use a brush. Hand liquid soap will do the job.  I also use Stazon cleaner to clean and condition the stamp after using the glue. 
  • Use always a DRY SPONGE. Do not apply glue with the same part of the sponge you did  before as remaining glue from previous applications will  extremely  sticky and it wont be possible to stamp with it without tearing the card stock. 
  • Once you ahe stamped the image allow the glue to dry and get sticky on the card stock . You can clean the stamp while this happens.
  • Avoid applying excess of  glue on the stamp.
  • Do not mix the glue with water before stamping.
I hope you like this project and please feel free to leave a comment or ask any question, I''ll be happy to hear from you. x Bibi

or in the pictures below  to order supplies used  on this project 

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