July 28, 2016

There is so many ways to make boxes as people to make them!   I'm not good at remembering measurements and I always  need boxes in different sizes so   I like to create  formulas to help myself to figure out how to make them in the easiest  and quick way possible.

Today I'm sharing  my 5x5 formula  to make non glue latch on boxes in any size. You will find easy to calculate the size of the paper, where to trace the scoring lines, and folding the box.

 Simple click HERE or in the image below to watch short video tutorial

5x5 formula in words

The size of the paper to make  a perfect square  box  is  the desired box size multiplied by 5.
For example:
1" inch box =  (1"x5 = 5)  paper size 5"x 5" inches
3cm box=  (3cmx5 =15cm) paper size 15x15cm
2" box=  (2'x5=10') paper size 10"x10" inches
5cm box= (5cmx5 =25cm) paper size 25x25cm

You can also alter the formula to change the height of the box. It might be easy for you to figure out this equation after watching my video but if not stay tuned  I'll be uploading a couple of videos ASAP HERE in my Youtube Chanel  to show you how to do this.

The paper 

Simple click on the picture below to have a look at the  stunning card stock and papers designs you can get in my Stampin' Up!  Shop... The paper make all the difference when making stylish boxes.

I  really hope you enjoyed this project, remember you can do this in any of your favourites Stampin' Up! colours.  If you would like to place an order for any of the products used in this post  or any other Stampin' Up! supplies, simply click HERE  to go direct to my online shop 24/7.  

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Thanks for stopping by and do not hesitate to  leave a comment. I would love to hear form you! 
X Bibi

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  1. Awesome video and easy to follow explanation and instructions Bibi! Looks like I will have to make some boxes this weekend! Have a fabulous weekend. Cheers Donna Z :)


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