Sharing Memories of the Colouring Challenge Road Trip - Edinburgh

August 29, 2017

One of the things  I love about papercrafting  is the opportunity to share with those with the same passion ... Every encounter is an amazing opportunity to learn new things and to meet beautiful talented  people.

Today  I'm sharing a 3 minutes video clip with my memories of " The Coloring Challenge Road Trip"  held in Edinburgh 2 days ago ( August 7 -2017).  

I didn't want to disturb anyone in the event  so I just tried to preserve some memories in short videos. I have put  some of them  together to remember and to share a little bit  with you.  Testimonies are confidential except those I got permission to share.  

And forgive my grammar  as my hubby didn't have a minute to proofread my post :(English is not my first language (I'm Spanish Speaker)

Edinburgh was hot, my hair was curling up. I was looking as if a tornado just passed over me  as I haven't sleep well due to motherhood and I got the cold but  nobody could stopped me to go and gather together with such talented bundle of people ...  I'm so grateful.

In the picture: Cal Shrive and her little daughter Charlotte, Lucy Angelis ( believe it or not Lucy came from Minnesota !!) Kathy Racoosin,  Katya , Morag Drummon and Debby Hughes.

We all agree that stamping and coloring make us happier  and it have helped us to go through maternity, illness, loneliness, housewifery.  For many of us is also a wee home based  business, some of us do it just for fun.. But we all  just love it!

There is something magic about stamping as it  is great cure for the soul.

We had an amazing day sharing with Kathy and Debby,  which are in my opinion two of the best stampers in the word. Their work is AMAZING!!! and pictures in their blog could never tell how beautiful their creations are. I'm  so lucky  to have seen them in flesh.

What is the Coloring Challenge  Road Trip?

If you don't know it already, The Coloring Challenge Road Trip is an activity organised by Kathy Racoosin to promote the joy of coloring. 

Kathy is  the creator of the "30 days coloring challenge" . She continously  invite us  to colour something everyday even if it's for five minutes, there is not need to finish a card  but just applying colours and enjoy the process and you can also share your projects in the 30 days colouring challenge facebook group here  and social media with the hashtag #30dayscoloringchallenge . 

You can use any brand products any colouring tools.

Which are the next stops in the Coloring Challenge Road Trip...

  • September 9th –  New York, New York
  • September 23rd & 24th – Canada, Ontario
  • October  6th & 7th – Wisconsin, Greendale
  • November 1st – Arizona, Mesa 
  • November 11th & 12th – Massachusetts, Cape Cod
  • November 18th – Maryland, Savage Mill
Interested.  check out more info here!  I hope  is ok to share this info here but I just feel that my american  and canadian friends could have a chance to join her in her Coloring Challenge Road trip and meet her! WOW she is a great host,  she is very generous, full of positive vibes...  she is simply an amazing human bean. 

I analysed all my options. I counted the pennies.... Not trains, not plane offered return tickets the same day from Inverness to Edinburgh! Nooo...  I wasn't keen to drive neither as it will take me  4 hours driving each way and I was very  short of sleep  as I mentioned before.  

 I also traveled with the fear of being  coughing during the whole event as I did .lol

Anyway..  my solution was then using for very first time the Megabus.  Leaving at 6:40am returning home at midnight. For very first time I used the transportation system and  I can't complain about it. I picked up my car from the bus station parking and arrived home at 11:45pm

I hope you enjoy the little story and the  video . I also hope you find it inspiring crafting is for everyone.  Beat the fear ti share your creations and lets share on social network 

Instagram  facebook  Pinterest Youtube  Google+ 

Sending love and hugs...

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  1. I love your video and how you put it all together Bibi, you really captured what the day was about!! You have such talent with all of your art work that you do and also behind a camera and editing... 💕Wow Mrs you blow my socks off 😂 xx

  2. Love your little montage. I live near Aberdeen and so wanted to join you all in Edinburgh but it just wasn't possible this year. I hope Kathy comes back one day!


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