New Tonic Studios Social Media Design Team ! YAY

April 01, 2019

Hello everyone,  I hope you are doing well!

I have special news to share with you today. This is very exciting to me no only as a papercraft artist but as a professional in the field of Corporate Communications.

Since February,  I have been working behind scenes in a brand new role at Tonic Studios as Social Media Coordinator and with the marketing team at Tonic, we have been gathering together an amazing  Design Team with strong participation on a social network.

Our aim is to spread the voice about fantastic Tonic products and to provide daily inspiration over the  NEW Tonic Blog released today!

It was really challenging to select the team, the last couple of months has been epic. We also have established standards for participation as we want ethical relationships with our design team members, with you = the community and retailers. We believe this is the way to deliver consistent visual identity and branding.

So over the Tonic Blog, we will be sharing projects using exclusively Tonic products to show you their versatility and beauty. 

This is a dream come true for me and this is going to be hard work as we will be blogging every day except for some Saturdays and Sundays. We all agreed to do this as we love Tonic and we love papercraft. You can see our passion in our blogs,  awesome videos on   YouTube, Pinterest or  Instagram.

Some people asked me if I will continue to share the joy of papercraft using products from different brands and the answer is: yes, absolutely! 

Nothing will be different apart from the fact that I'll be part of the team behind and also in the front of the Tonic Blog and social network for the  Home Office - operation in the UK - EU.

The new Tonic blog is a blank canvas at the moment but today I would love to invite you to meet the Social Media Desing Team. I'm also part of it!! Yay!

The new Tonic Blog will also have monthly Guest Designers and you will also see projects made by Tonic UK and USA design team members!

Stay tuned because we will be blogging every day. There will be giveaways, news and promos!

Happy Crafting!


Oh! and check out irresistible promos available over the Tonic Studios USA Shop and  Tonic Studios UK shop.

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  1. This sounds wonderful Bibi, congratulations. :)
    I look forward to reading the forthcoming blog posts from you and the rest of the new Tonic social media design team :) xx

  2. Fabulous news! Congratulations!! :)

  3. Congratulations Bibi, if anyone deserves a post like this it's you . You share so much & give us carmakers etc so much of your time. All the best x


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