Massive Floral Dies by Bright Rosa For Card Toppers Borders, Bands and Pop Ups

January 28, 2020

Hello everyone,  today I'm featuring a substantial die set!

I say substantial because it includes HUGE floral dies...perhaps one of the coolest floral die sets I have ever tried!

I'm talking about "Sunflower Band"  by Bright Rosa : available in the  USA here and in the  UK here!

Incredibly innovative and extremely versatile.  The set will allow you to create home decor items,  toppers for any papercraft project,  pop up elements,  shaped cards,  borders and windows and more, much more.

Have a look my video to have a better idea of what this awesome tool for papercraft can do.

Bright Rosa also offers similar die sets but instead a sunflower they do have other shapes such as snowflakes, other flower designs, butterflies, Christmas circle bands. I added them to the supplies list below so you can have a look. 

The price point is incredible for a die set this size and this design. I tested them, I tried them and I  highly recommended them!

 Sunflower Band Key Features

  • This is a 16 pieces die set.
  • it will cut thin materials such as paper, felt, chipboard and even leather and fabric ( using a metal shim)
  • It will allow you to create shaped cards,  borders, bands and you can also add pop-up elements.
  • The dies can be used to create home decor elements and large 3D flowers made out of other materials.
  • Includes die to create a large flower (5 -1/2 inches) and a small flower ( 3-1/2 inches). 
  • This set, you can create dahlias or similar flowers as well.
  • The larger die will allow you to create  6x 6 inches cards or larger.
  • The small flower dies will allow you to create C6  ( US standard card size)  or A6 (Uk standard card size) or smaller.

Watercolor Die Cuts and Pop Up

Watercolor die cuts 

As I  wanted to add texture to the flower petals  I used Arteza watercolor paints and gouache to add colour to the paper.
  • This is a 6x6 inches card.
  • I first applied the watercolor paints on watercolor paper using a large brush.
  • While the paint was still wet I applied nail polish remover using a cotton bud and  I also sprinkled salt, (these two supplies distress the watercolor creating cool effects.) 
  • You can remove the salt once the paper is dry and then splatter the paper with Arteza gouache (I used brown, blue, white gouache colors to do this) 
  • To add shimmer I also splattered the paper using a Nuvo shimmer pen, a Nuvo Midas pen and  Kuretake Gansai Tambi Gold Watercolor paint. 
    • I then die cut the paper using dies in the set.
    • To make a flower you only need 3 or 4 dies cut
    • You can simply overlay the die cuts starting from the largest to the smallest one. However, you can also different flower designs depending on how you layer the die cuts. 

    Pop Up

    • To create the pop up all you need to do is to cut a piece of paper using the large or small flower band dies.
    • Score and fold the die-cut in half 
    • Grab the card base and open it.
    • Align the scoring line of the die-cut band with the central fold of the inside of the card.
    • Stick the flaps of the band while the scoring lines are aligned.
    • Once the band is glued in place, glue the die-cut flower on the left side of the pop-up element facing the front of the card.
    • The pop-up is done!

    • I also tried to make these large pop-up elements.
    • To do this you will need a 6x8 inches card base or album.
    • Although the pop up in the picture above was an experiment, I still wanted to share a visual as you can see the flower in another color. 
    • By themselves, these die-cut flowers are stunning. 

    Shaped edges 

    You can create small and large format cards with shaped edges using different dies in the set.
    • To make this quick and easy  6x6 inches card, I used textured cardstock by Tonic Studios.
    • Using the large band die I die cut the border of the card by applying a partial die cutting technique.
    • Next, I cut the  2 layers of petals and the stamen and glued them together.
    • I finished up using the scalloped circles and adding a stamped sentiment on the center of the card. 

     Flower Band and See-Through Floral Window

    The die set includes dies designed to create bands for any craft project and other floral dies you can use to create different shaped floral windows.

    This is a C6 card  ( 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" inches).

    Depending on the material you are die cutting you can also use them on candle making, boxes, cards, jars or anything you can wrap around with this beautiful decorative element.

    You can also create windows on your card panels and overlap floral die-cuts as I did for this car, or you can also make shaker cards as well.

    Because the die set includes centerpieces ( scallop circles) you can use those pieces at the back of the windows to give them a nice finishing as I showed in the video above.

    Decorative Elements

    Combine the die cuts produced for this set to make flowers in any material for any craft project!

    Phew... I wish I have more time and winter energy to make more samples for you but I had to stop and move on to the next project lol.

    I have so much to share ... I hope you like these ideas and supplies!!

    That's all for today.



    Just a note to let you know that when you buy through the links in my blog  I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

    Thanks for your support!

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    1. Gorgeous projects made using this set. Had can't believe how big it really is & such detail to it. Love that you have it so many options & not just a card design, very inspiring x

    2. Thanks for sharing Bibi. You are right, those are huge flowers (lol) but neat. I went to site to see the rest of the collection. I like them and the price appears to be very good for the number of dies include. Have a great day.


    Thanks for your comments.


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