Tonic Craft kit 31 Tropical Paradise | Awesome Watercolour Backgrounds

February 19, 2020

Hi everyone,  today is my turn to share ideas and inspiration using the latest Tonic Craft Kit. I really like this one!

This is the Tonic Studios Craft Kit #31 called Tropical Paradise.
Available at the Tonic Studios Shops below:

Watch 6-minutes video to see the kit in action

This kit includes a preview of Tropical Paradise, one of the three new Nuvo Trend Collections this year.

Although I love the intense paper colors in the kit and the new Nuvo colors trend,  I wanted to achieve a more organic look and feel for the cards so I used other Nuvo supplies from my stash.

Oh! from the kit  I used "Water Sprite" to add accents to the cards, this is an iridescent goldish card simple stunning. 

Cauliflowers and Hardlines Background

The unwanted cauliflower or well-known watercolor weed has never been so beautiful.  Together with hardlines, these add the coolest effects to card backgrounds.

To create these backgrounds...
  • Laid down the easy-clean mat by Tonic Studios.
  • Apply different colors of Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens over the mat.
  • Spray water over the ink.
  • Place a piece of Arteza watercolor paper over the inked water.
  • Wiggle the paper a wee bit over the ink so it will cover the whole background or at least a large part of it.
  • Using a heat tool "semi-dry the paper"
After dabbing the paper on the inked surface, there should be ink left over it. If not, I apply more ink and water and I wait for the water to form drops.

Now let's create the texture...
  •  Dab the paper over the inked water drops on the mat and hold it for a few seconds to allow the paper to partially absorb the ink.
  • Semi-dry the paper using a heat tool.
repeat these last 2 steps over and over until achieving a desirable look.

Background Technique Key 

  • The key to creating these awesome backgrounds is to apply extra water to the ink on the easy-clean mat.
  • Do not dry the paper completely between color applications. " Semi-Dry it ", this means the ink over the paper shouldn't be totally dry when dabbing the paper again on the inked mat. 
  • If you get puddles of inked water on the paper use a heat tool to move them and spread them over the paper so that they will dry while moving or spreading creating large precious hard lines.
  • You don't want the ink to blend on the mat as you can get moody colors,  so you can also work one color at the time after adding a large wash over the whole background first.

Nuvo Aqua Flow Pen Colours used
  • Slice Kiwi (Woodland Walk Pack ) 
  • Aqua Splash (Ocean Air Pack)
  • Pink Limonade ( Blue Blossom Pack))
  • Cameo Pink ( Blue Blossom Pack)
  • Mango Mimosa ( Surprise party)
  • Sweet Pea ( Dream in Colors Pack)

Bonus Draft Project

I had this idea that I didn't manage to fit in the time I had to craft with the kit.  I spent quite a long time on it and this was the best prototype. 

This is a 5 -1/2 " inches width x 6" inches tall card.

I wasn't going to share it as I never share those projects that I don't finish but for those who love fun foldings, this is defo an extra idea.

I wanted the card base to be a whole piece but this is not possible using A4 sheets of paper.  So I have to use two A4 sheets of paper to make the card base.  

Cutting the matching layers could be a little bit tricky! Oh well...maybe Tonic will create dies to cut cards like this without all that hassle. 

They made something similar for the designer choice die set here but the card flaps were a lot more small and they do not go from side to side of the panel.

That's all for today.
I hope you like these ideas.

Supplies List 

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Thanks for your support!

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