Everything About Nuvo Crackle Mousses

April 01, 2020

Tonic Studios is officially launching the Nuvo Crackle Mousses!!

These are all about texture!!

It is hard to see the crackle in panoramic pictures so that many of my pictures today are close-ups.

I also made the video below see the mousses in action.

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Nuvo Crackle Mouses

The Nuvo Crackle mousses are the third type of mousses in the Nuvo range, after Nuvo Embellishment Mousses and Nuvo Expanding Mousses.

These are creamy and smooth when they dry they become solid and crackle.

 Key Features

  • Water-based.
  • Slow drying.
  • Opaque.
  • Blendable.
  • Gelly, creamy consistency.
  • Dry solid.
  • Once dry, they are permanent.
  • No tacky or sticky.
  • East to clean when wet or dry from a non-porous work surface or stencils.
  • No suitable for works on non-porous surfaces such as acetate, glass, plastic.
WARNING: Avoid heat set this product. High temperatures will spoil the crackle.

For the projects above, I used  Wrought Iron Crackle Mouse,  Eternal Harmony Mosaic Stencil
and  Dancing Petals Mosaic stencil by Tonic Studios.

The sentiments were made using Yana's Sentiments  Glimmer Hot Foil Plates available on Simon Says stamp here and on the Spellbinder's shop here and I used Espresso Bean hot foil so the sentiment looks dark but it is actually hot foiled.

The Texture

Small Cracks 

By applying thin layers of the product you will guarantee a beautiful crackled texture on paper,  canvas or wood. 

When the crackle mousses are applied using intricate stencils (with small gaps)  you will get a more compact stenciled image.

Eternal Harmony Mosaic and  Dancing Petals Mosaic stencils by Tonic Studios were perfect to try the mousses.

The texture looks like leather. Simply stunning!!!

The butterflies were die cut out of the paper I previously have treated using the crackle mousses in different colors.

I used  Butterfly Border die set by Bright Rosa available in the UK here and in the USA here.

In the card below ( pink)  you can see a minty butterfly. For that one, I mix Celeste Blue crackle Mouse with evergreen bough Distress Ink just to alter the color a little bit.

Large Cracks

When the mousses are applied with stencils with larger gaps the crackle will be also larger.

The texture is rough and more evident.

As these mousses are opaque, they will totally cover the original color of the cardstock.

When applying a  thick layer of the product over the paper with a spatula, you will get larger cracks and the background color will be exposed through the cracks but I found that thick layers are weak and some bits tend to fall out.

Colour Range

The new Nuvo Crackle Mousses are available in 8 different colors
  • Russian White
  • Egyptian Gold
  • Ivory Coat
  • Wrought Iron.
  • Chameleon Green
  • Misty Mauve
  • Pink Gin
  • Celeste Blue
As they are blendable, you can create new shades of colors by mixing any of the mousses with any ink you might have. 

I mixed Ever Green Bought Distress Inks and a darker blue ink of the Nuvo Aqua Flow Pen to increase the vibrancy of the Celeste Blue Crackle Mousse. 

In this way, I create a turquoise shade that looks very pretty and crackles really well as shown in the picture below.


  • Apply thin layers (up to 3mm)  for better adhesion and crackle effect.
  • Think chunky layers will create larger cracks but they also tend to fall out the paper.
  • Allow drying overnight.
  • For stencilling apply with a pallet knife.
  • Apply with a brush on die cuts or dry paper to be die cut later.
  • Avoid die-cutting paper with think layers of the product over. the texture will flatten and the mousse can get damage especially at the edges of the die-cut shapes.
  • To keep the product fresh, I like to leave the foil seal that comes in each container and  I also add a layer of cling film or Press's seal.
WARNING: Avoid at all cost heat set this product. high temperatures can set the product in a fire

Tools and Applicators

  • For stenciling, I highly recommend using a  palette knife.
  • For colouring and light washes a  synthetic brush will do the work.

Die-cutting Crackled pieces?

  • I won't recommend to use the Tangerine die cutting machine to cut pieces treated with the crackle mousses. This machine is too strong and he mousses will crack and fall from die cuts.
  • Use a standard die cutting machine such the Spellbinders Platinum 6" inches, Cuttlebug or Big Shot to die cut crackled paper and preserve the texture.
  • Alternatively, you can add crackle mousses to pre die-cut shapes

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Stay safe and keep crafting.


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