The story behind making a Green Coffee Cup Gift Holder + Honey Bee Stamps #coffeelovers

March 14, 2018

I had so much fun making this  Green Coffe Cup Gift Holder to join a fun activity at Honey Bee Stamps this week ( March 11 to March 17th - 2018 ).  We all are making green projects and are sharing them on Instagram with hashtag #BEEgreen. 

So for today, I wanted to make something using the Coffee Gift Card Holder die set .  I die cut a piece of Bristol Smooth Paper using this die and when I had  the die cut  in my hands I was wondering what could I do now? 

All I knew is that my project needed to be green and a huge coffee brand as Starbucks is Green so green is not a crazy color to use with this die. Right?

As I love to do ink blending on Bristol paper I thought I could use some of the beautiful stencils by Honey Bee to add a pattern to the die cut.  I used then  Hexagone Layering Background Stencils  and Distress Oxide green ink colours ( Cracked Pistachio and  Lucky Clover). 

The stencils worked like a charm, it was so super easy to apply colors to the paper and I love the results!! 

So here is how one thing led me to another and I want to share with you what was behind scenes while making this very simple project. Perhaps there is something in the creative process that can help you to put flesh to your ideas.

I sat down and I was observing the pattern in the paper to plan my next move...Voila! I saw a turtle shell and a football ball.

Honey Bee does not have any football themed stamp. I know I could make the idea work somehow but  I decided to leave it to the side.

When I'm making a card I also feel I need to think about its possible meaning  and actually one of the main football teams here in Scotland  is the Celtic and they do have a "green uniform"  but I really didn't want to marry with any particular football team as here in the UK football is a serious matter and I'm not crazy about football anyway...

So  I preferred the turtle idea..... then I thought of making a "Happy Belated (Belatte) Birthday card"  and it will make all the sense if I added the turtle as the turtle are slow and they are also "green", I started working on it ...

I took pictures with my mobile phone of two attempts to build a " belated (belatte) birthday sentiment" but sadly it didn't work.

I sent the pictures above to my very best British friends and they told me that I might need to explain the meaning of those sentiments ... Noooo!!!! what I will do now...

I understand that "latte" won't be understood as "late" but as "lot" .... Arggg!!! English  is not my first language so who am I to try to play with words?

So I had to rethink what to do and  I decided to stamp a  more traditional "coffee lovers sentiment"  and I defo kept the turtle because is super cute. Issue solved!

 I coloured  the little turtle with Zigs and I added Nuvo Crustal glaze and Nuvo green Crystal drops.

This gift card holder measures  4-1/2" x   31/2" inches nut Honey Bee also have a bigger die called  Coffe Cup Card check it out here and I'll be using that die for further projects too.

Oh! and the gif card can be created to easily latch itself but I couldn't resist and I punched a wee hole at the very top and  I added a green lace to add extra cuteness.
Click on the picture to go to Honey Bee Stamps Instagram and jpin us with a green project made using Honey Bee Stamps. 
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That's all for today.  Thanks for stopping by and don't be shy leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

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Happy crafting!


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