Skin and hair tones with Nuvo Shimmer Powders

April 14, 2018

Hello everyone!   you can create skin tones with Nuvo Shimmer Powders and this is easy peasy so in this post I will be sharing the basics.

The main colours I used to create skin tones are: Solar Flare ( yellow),  Catherine Wheel ( red) and Cherry Bomb ( pink) I mixed very little of each powder with loads of water and when I say " little powder with loads of water" I really mean it.  I only needed a few granules of each powder to make the mix.

I also added a tiny hint of blue or Storm Cloud ( grey) or purple to create darker skin tones and to make hair colours  I mixed red, yellow and blue ( more or less yellow depending if you wish lighter or darker colours).

I mixed the colours on a clear block, then with a  clean water brush I used the very watery mix on watercolour paper or Bristol smooth paper to create the skin colour for this first card.

I'm preparing a video to demonstrate how I do this in case you want to have a look. It will be available on my YouTube channel here in a couple of weeks so make sure to subscribe to receive notifications on your mail when the video is up.

For now, I'm also sharing a couple of cards to show you how the colours look.

To make this cards  I used a die set called Camelia from Boho Beautiful die collection by Tonic Studios. She is one of my favourites ever!  I have been waiting for these dies to be available in the USA market but at the moment it seems they are only sold in the UK here!

The background and the purple flowers on Camelia's head were sprayed with Nuvo Mica Mist everything else was coloured with Nuvo Shimmer powders.

Below a couple of extra samples using the powders to add colours...

The card above was fully coloured using the powders and perhaps you can identify  2 different skin tones,  one was used to create very subtle shadows.

I also sprinkle the powders on a wet stencil and  I used the stencil as a stamp to create a colourful background paper.    The colours look incredibly vivid.

So you can create very light colours or go very very bold with this powders.

For the card below, I  used a stencil and I sprayed the background with blue and green Nuvo Mica Mist (Shimmer Sprays)  anything else was coloured with Nuvo Shimmer Powders.

The images on this cards are from Exquisite Stamp collection by Tonic.

Here is a picture of the Nuvo Shimmer Powder Collection in case you haven't see my previous post here!

There are 8 colours in this collection but trust me their blendability is outstanding.

You can also create with this powders colourful, distressed backgrounds for cards,  tags,  original paper for boxes or scrapbook pages. They are great for mix media.  The powders will always activate with water.

Put a little bit of the powder on a pallet, mix it with water and you are ready to go!  You can always choose how concentrated or intense the colour will be by adjusting the amount of water applied to the mix. 

The Nuvo Shimmer Powders have a cousin called Mica Mist and they come in a spray!

The super talented Paula Pascual is demoing the sprays in the video below.


Once the Mica Spray dries on the paper the pigment becomes permanent so you can apply a wide variety of techniques with the spays and use them on many different surfaces.

That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hello Bibi, hope your weekend went well, Saturday made me really think spring had arrived with all that sunshine. I saw the Hochanda programme last week on kids sprays and the shimmer but I don't know why I got a different image of how to use them and there colours ? Your cards are beautiful, so bright and stunning colours, can't wait for your video. Thank s for correct information on them in more curious now.

    1. oh hello there!! Spring haven't arrive here yet but I'm looking forward for warmer days!! :) You will find that different people use crafty supplies in different ways and I think there is not a right or wrong way to do it. When experimenting with materials you will find new ways to use them and as I love watercolour and clean compositions I always try to use the tools as is convenient for me.
      Colouring could take a good amount of time and Hochanda requires very quick demos. I defo have to see Paula’s demos so I’ll have more ideas.
      The powders are highly pigmented but if you add loads of water the colours will be very subtle so you got a powerful coloring tool as you can chose colour intensity. I’ll explain better in my video. Now regarding the sprays I still need to check a few things and Ill be sharing my findings in a video too.
      Many hug and thanks for stopping by .
      X Bibi


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