Mother's day Card with Mom Flowers by Simon Says Stamp

April 18, 2018

In May the whole American continent will celebrate Mother's day but being a mom is a 365 days matter. So this card is for all the precious awesome mums around the globe that works hard 24/24 to raise a family and it can be sent any day.

For today I used Mom Flowers Stamp Set by Simon Says Stamp and Nuvo Shimmer Powders.

I found the images and sentiments from  Mom Flowers Stamp Set by Simon Says Stamp extremely eye-catching and depending on how you stamp flowers they will look a little bit different ...That's awesome !  There are 2 florals in the set but that's all you need to make endless compositions.

You can stamp one flower to make a simple and clean composition, two flowers as I did here, many flowers to fully cover a background, or create small floral clusters as I did today.

This set offers clever design elements.  The floral shapes are very versatile and the sentiments in different sizes and styles will adapt to different design needs.

Have a look...

Mom Flowers Stamp Set

So today I made a little bit of masking to stamp floral clusters at the top and bottom corner of the front panel of this card.

I used smooth Bristol paper, my favourite paper at the moment.

I used the two floral stamps in the set and  Black Ink from Simon Says Stamp and the Tim Holtz stamping Platform

 I added colours using the new Nuvo Shimmer Powders.  I mixed the powders with water and I applied them with a Nuvo water brush.

I also used  Nuvo Solar Flare Shimmer powder together with SSS Tiny Spaced Hearts Stencil to add those teeny tiny yellow hearts in the background.    I  simply placed the stencil on the paper and I sprayed water all over ( not a lot of water), then I put a bit of the powder in the palm of my hand and I  blew it so it was evenly applied all over.

On a watercolour pallet, I mixed the powders with water and I applied them to the images as using any other water-based product. After applying colours and when everything was dry, I  also splattered a concentrated mix of green powder with a bit of water.

I added black Nuvo drops to the flower pistils and to make the sentiment pop up a bit more I applied Nuvo Crystal Glaze.

Using a faber Castell fine tip pen I added tiny  black dots over the flowers.

I hand cut the edge of the floral cluster at the bottom of the panel and I added a piece of contrasting cardstock colour behind.

Then I had the idea to run the panel through my sewing machine to create a pierced edge all around the front panel. It is not the first time I do this because I love the results. 

I used an A4 sheet of navy blue cardstock to make the card base.

This card measure 5" x 6-1/2" Inches

That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wonderful card Bibi, if I attempted this it would look like a muddy mess, I love how you put different colours into the flowers, they look so beautiful ❤️❤️

    1. You have amazing coloring skills.. just give it a try and let me know. :) I'll be uploading video with tips in about 10 days :) many hugs for you. x

  2. Always love to see your beautiful work and this is no exception. Beautiful layout, great colours, can not wait till I make cards as good as this x


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