Awesome Colour with Nuvo Shimmer Powders + 7 ways with Neat and Tangled Supplies

February 14, 2019

Hello everyone,  Happy Valentine's day!!! Today I'm sharing ideas an inspiration using beautiful  Neat and Tangled supplies

I'm loving the cute images, sentiments, dies and stencils by Neat and Tangled.  I really think these kinds of supplies will provide you will all the design elements you need to create beautiful, simple and original cards.

To add colour to all the cards in this post I ONLY used Nuvo shimmer powders. I didn't use any other ink or pigment. Plop! the colours are pure awesomeness.

I'm sharing video to share tips and ideas with you using all these crafty supplies.

In the video, you will see how easy is to blend the Nuvo Shimmer powder pigments to add colour to all the images in the cards today and how to apply 7 simple techniques to create backgrounds using the powders.

In the video I also shared the idea  to make your own DIY shimmer sprays or aqua flow brushes to apply embossing resist techniques as I did for the card above. 
For this card I used : Jump for Joy stamp set , Jump for Joy - Nice and Neat Dies, Mail Background stamp,   Typed SentimentsSkinny Strips - Nice and Neat Dies and Box Nice and Neat Die,  Love Mail - Nice and Neat Dies.

I'm also used a  blending sponge and stencils to apply the Shimmer Powders on to the background panel above and in the video I show you how to this as well.

For this card I used : Swinging By - Nice and Neat Dies Swinging By Stamp SetHeart Duo - Simply  Stencil and Skinny Strips - Nice and Neat Dies

I also show you how to blend pigments on the paper when it is still wet and I'm sharing ideas and creativity to share the stretch the use of your supplies.

For this card I used:  Little Monster stamp setLittle Monster - Nice and Neat DiesHeart Duo - Simply  Stencil and  Love You - Nice and Neat Dies.

I also create the background above and the one below in one go using just one spray and a stencil.
For the card above I used : Slow and Steady, Slow and Steady - Nice and Neat Dies  and Nesting Hexagons - Simply Stencil , Skinny Strips - Nice and Neat Dies

And I also made a more dramatic background using embossing resist techniques with stencils. 

For this card I used: Heart Duo - Simply  Stencil and Love You - Nice and Neat Dies.

In several previous blog posts, I shared different ways to use the powders as they are great to create backgrounds but they can be used as liquid colours or watercolours.

You can make your own DIY sprays or pens using the powders.  You can use a damp sponge to apply the pigments on images stamped images, embossed backgrounds. You can use them with stencils in different ways.  You can use a roller to apply a solid layer of colour on cardstock... the sky is the limit and when you have super cute images like the ones I used in this post today you will also love coloring with these pigments diluted with water.

As a result, you will get shimmery colours like no other!


Have a look to other post using Nuvo shimmer Powders:

That's all for today ... I hope you like these ideas! 

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. I'm always happy to read and to answer any questions. 

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Many hugs  and happy crafting


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  1. what a artful and fun set of cards, I love what you have done with each and every one of them, I think I may need some of this stuff!.....

  2. Such fun and sweet cards! The for sharing some tips and DIY. :)

  3. Fantastic tips on using these powders, they are so vibrant. Sorry for delay in letting you know how fun I thought the cards were, been unwell. Thank you for sharing all your work x


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